Exhibition Jason McCoy Gallery, NY, June 28 - August 17, 2007

Waldo Bien, Constantin Brancusi, Stephanie Buhmann, Robert Cannon, Claudia Carr, Barbara Chase-Ribaud, Bernard Childs, Liz di Giorgio, Stephen Greene, Virgil Grotfeldt, Karen Gunderson, Hans Hofmann, Eric Holzman, Rachel Hovnanian, Zhang Huan, Frederick Kiesler, Li-lan, Bo Joseph, Lin Ju, Scott Kelly, Kevin King, Martin Kline, Jacobus Kloppenburg, Sally Larmon, Ruth Marten, Walter Matia, Dodo Jin Ming, Wangechi Mutu, Martin Mullin, Masayuki Nagare, Yoshimoto Nara, Victoria Neel, Joan Nelson, Minoru Niizuma,Isamu Noguchi, Freya Payne, Jackson Pollock, Blaise Reutersward, Adria Sartore, Peter Schlesinger, George Segal, Mike Sell, Joan Semmel, Erica Shires, Paul Shore, Brent Steen, Annelies Strba, Frank Vaders, Nicholas Zann, and others.

This exhibition explores various directions within Realism in different media. Ranging from traditional portraiture to radical depictions of the nude; from abstracted landscapes to the creation of atmospheres; and from works impacted by illustration and digital technology, Options within Realism aims to deconstruct the limitations often associated with this term. In fact, Realism can by no means be viewed as a contained category, yet it is easily and widely applied as such. It is a generalized expression, a label often misunderstood as being strictly bound to "reality" or as being determined to evoke a mere realistic likeness. While in the aftermath of Pop Art, Realism had fallen out of vogue, in recent years - partially due to the success of the Leipzig School - it has been re-embraced as the new radical. Regardless of momentary fashions, the Realist vocabulary has never vanished from many artists' oeuvres and continues to be a favored form of expression.
Our salon style installation celebrates the colorful facets one can find in Realism. It searches for options and unpredictable nuances, which apply a fresh and innovative outlook to this vocabulary.


Invitation Biennale

Public Street Lectures will be given during the 100 days permanent conference in Venice, 2007, by Patrick Healy and Waldo Bien on Jacobus Kloppenburgs Artchive for the Future. 3,4 and 5 July: F.I.U. Lectures at Spazio Thetis, Arsenale, Venezia.

Artchive for the Future, San Marco02