Affair Related Letters   (in order of appearance in Artist Biography)

1997, 9th of July: Public Letter from Walter Hopps, Founding Director The Menil Houston TX.

Letter from Gemeente Amsterdam, Dienst Binnenstad, to Jacobus Kloppenburg, with the order to "REMOVE INFLAMMABLE OBJECTS AND FABRICS WITHIN 7 DAYS FROM THE 5TH AND 6TH FLOOR"

1997, 28th of August: Fire Brigade report

1997, 9th of October: TELEFAX, sent 10.58h by; Stiftung Museum Schloss Moyland Sammlung van der Grinten, Hans van der Grinten (Museum director) to; THE MAYOR (SCHELTO PATIJN, Red.) AND TOWN COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF AMSTERDAM, to the attention of the ALDERMAN for CULTURAL AFFAIRS, Mr. E.C. BAKKER, 0031 20 5522380 URGENT

1997, 9th of October: TELEFAX,, sent by J.G. van Leeuwen (Head External Services A’dam Muniscip.) to Ron Manheim Museum Schloss Moyland, URGENT

1997, 10th of October: TELEFAX, sent 09.51h, by Ron Manheim, Adjunct Director Museum Schloss Moyland, to the city of Amsterdam, Dienst Binnenstad

2002, 12 April Official Eviction Report.

Eviction assignment to the firm A.H.H. Schmidt, specialised in demolition and laying down ground works (with official Chamber of Commerce Registration).

1997, 25th of Nov: a BILL of Hfl. 71.245,74 from the City of Amsterdam for "THE REMOVAL OF THE INFLAMMABLE FABRICS AND OBJECTS" from The Archive

2001, 30th of January: Letter from the City of Amsterdam, Dienst Binnenstad in which K is told to come and pick up his collection and pay for the costs now totaling at Hfl. 238.015,34. The letter states: "OTHERWISE THE CITY WILL HAVE TO PROCEED TO CARRY OUT DESTRUCTION.

2001, 7th of June: TELEFAX from Ron Manheim, Museum Schloss Moyland, to Mayor Job Cohen and Aldermen of Amsterdam.

2001, 29 November, Jakarta: Letter from Luk Darras, Ambassador of Belgium in Jakarta, to Staatssecretaris Dr. R. van der Ploeg, cc Mayor Job Cohen Amsterdam.

2002, 13th of February: Answer from Staatssecretaris Rik v d Ploeg, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, to Waldo Bien, FIUWAC, Amsterdam:

2002, 28th of January: the ICN RAPPORT/ADVISE that had been issued to the city of Amsterdam.

2002, 21st of August: Letter from Mr. Rik Vos, General Director lnstituut Collectie Nederland to Waldo Bien, FlU

2005, 3rd of May: Letter from the secretary of O C en W, Medy van der Laan, to Waldo Bien, F.I.U. Amsterdam: Based on a report of the I C N investigation commission, the Artchive for the Future of Jacobus Kloppenburg is considered “Total Loss” and, also saying, that further discussion of the subject is closed”.

2008 1st of January letter to HM Queen Beatrix

2008 30th of January answer by HM the Queens Cabinet

2008 8th of February FIU-request-for-independent-investigation

2008 20st of March Answer from the Minister of Interior

2008 28th of April FIU letter to Minister of OC&W

2008 7 th of May 13 containers kunst vernietigd Parool

2008 27th of May Adsterdam Fvdk answer containers